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Post Surgical Pain Relief by Local Anaesthetics

CIMPAX Bolus and Infiltrations Kit C-BIK, the complete kit for post operative pain management. 

C-BIK contains syringes and needles for infiltration of the surgical site during the surgical procedure and the C-CAT catheter for distribution of anaesthetics to the surgical site post operatively. 
The wound infiltration catheter can be used with pain pumps as well as for bolus injections.
For bolus injections the C-CAT catheter offers minimal resistance due to its unique design.

Post surgical pain management by the use of local anaesthetics is a recently introduced technique for improving the patient recovery process after a major surgical procedure.

Placing the C-CAT catheter offers the possibility of introducing local anaesthetics directly into the surgical wound area post surgically. Offering concentrated pain relief, exactly where the pain is generated. 

Using local anaesthetics for post surgical pain relief greatly reduces the use of narcotics. Side effect as nausea and vomiting are therefore reduced. 

- Precise, direct and concentrated pain relief
- Reduces or removes the use of narcotics
- Less or no side effects (nausea, vomiting) 
- Less pain (improved VAS score)
- Easier patient mobilisation 
- Faster recovery
- Shortens hospital stay 
- Increased patient satisfaction


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